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ACSTI has a nucleus of specialized inter-disciplinary faculty which remains in constant touch with various developments in the field. The institute also invites eminent resource persons from various other institutions of the country.

1 Sh. Sharwan Manta, H.A.S. Managing Director  
2 Dr. R.P. Nainta Principal  
4 Sh. S.R. Thakur Senior Faculty  
5 Ms. Nivedita Faculty Member  
6 Sh. Dola Singh Faculty Member  
7 Ms. Shivani Sharma Faculty Member  
  Grams : ACSTI, Sangti, Summer Hill, Shimla-171005

email : acstishimla@yahoo.in

Telephone (Office) : 0177-2831780

Fax : 0177-2830561, Guest House : 0177-2830281