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On arrival at Shimla either at Railway Station, Inter-State Bus Stand, Airport or Taxi Stand one may choose to reach the ACSTI either by Taxi or by Private Local Buses frequently plying upto H.P. University, Summer-hill, Shimla-5, and thereafter hardly 15 minutes walk on foot upto the institute at Sangti from Summer-Hill.

If one is traveling by Taxi, the driver be asked to drive to ACSTI, Sangti, Sumer-Hill located hardly 1 k.m. from Summer-Hill Railway station. It takes about 10 minutes to reach ACSTI. The Taxicharges from Bus Stand to ACSTI range from Rs. 125/- to Rs. 150/-

By Air Nearest Airport to Shimla is Chandigarh, which is 120km away from the institute. If one travels through a smaller plane from Delhi or Chandigarh, it will land at Jubbar-Hatti which is around 20 km from the Institute. From Jubber-Hatii one can hire a taxi to ACSTI, Sangti, Summerhill.
By Rail Shimla is connected by a narrow gaudge Railway line from Kalka to Shimla having 90 km distance, The rail journey from Kalka to Shimla takes about 6 hours against 3 and a half hours by bus, but it is quite comfortable and delightful experience as the train winds its way through 103 tunnels and unforgettable pictures of scenic beauty.
By Road Shimla is connected by road to Delhi, Chandigarh, Kalka, Ambala and other places of Punjab, Haryana, Rajsthan, Uttrakhand and U.P. There are luxury coaches, semi deluxe and ordinary buses of state transport and H.P. Tourism, Booking for your journey to Shimla in Tourism coaches can be made from Delhi in their office, situated at ISBT, New Delhi & Himachal Bhawan situated at Mandi House, Delhi.
Reservation for Return Journey

In case you intend to get reservation for return journey, you may contact the reservation counter on the following numbers.

By Air Air Travel can be contacted on the Ph.0177-2736835, 2658157
By Train Contact No. : 0177-2652915
  Passenger 08:30 AM
  Himalayan Queen 10:30 AM
  Passenger 02:25 PM
  Shivalik 05:40 PM
  Shimla Kalka Express 06:15 PM
By Bus Shimla is Connected by road with major cities.