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Welcome to Agriculture co-operative Staff Training Institute, Shimla

The Agriculture Co-operative Staff Training Institute popularly known as ACSTI was setup in September, 1987. The Institute has its spacious complex situated at Sangti, Summerhill, Shimla-5. The site of Institute has scenic surroundings.
ACSTI is one of Shimla’s leading training institutions with a long term commitment to develop leaders of the future as well as interest in contributing to the economic, cultural and social future of the region and country.Owing to profound interest of the H.P.
State Co-operative Bank Ltd., Kangra Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., Jogindra Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. and other Co-operative Institution(s) in developing human resources and assessing training needs, this institute, which virtually began from a scratch has
bloomed into a full-fledged Training Centre, which is capable of catering to the training requirements of the employees of Co-operative Institutions of the State & country.

The Institute’s Endeavours

The Institute’s endeavours are aimed at promoting the improvement in the working of Co-operative Institutions with a purpose, greater dedication and skill among the officers and employees, in discharging their duties and responsibilities in an effective manner.

The Aims and Objectives

  1. To conduct and assist the organizations in training programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops.

  2. To analyse and purpose solutions to problems encountered in planning and implementation of developmental programmes of Co-operatives.
  3. To undertake, promote and co-ordinate study and research.
  4. Disseminate information through periodicals, papers and looks in furtherance of the objectives of the institute.

This Institute has been recognized as specialized for imparting training to all kinds of growing managerial and other categories of co-operative Banks, Personnel of Co-operative Department, other Co-operative Institutions,
Commercial Banks and government Department of the State & country.